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Wills and Estate Planning Lawyers

Regardless of what other documentation your estate plan requires, your will is the cornerstone of that plan.

Your will is a legally enforceable document. As such, it should be professionally prepared so that it properly reflects in writing your final decisions about the distribution of your assets: Our lawyers at Odetoyinbos LLP will ensure amongst other things that your will accurately captures:

  • Who you have chosen to look after the administration and distribution of your estate;
  • Cash inheritances for certain beneficiaries;
  • Distribution of particular personal effects;
  • The final distribution of the remainder of your assets, taking into consideration ongoing obligations you may have to dependents or former spouses;
  • Selection of a guardian to look after your minor children.

A will prepared by Odetoyinbos LLP makes appropriate provisions for the possibility of a beneficiary predeceasing you or a trust beneficiary not living to the age of distribution of the trust funds and names alternate beneficiaries.

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